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Andreanna Triliegi

As the Director of Marketing, Andreanna supports business development through various client-focused marketing channels including our website, branding, communications, social media, and events. For each development, she creates the project’s marketing plan and manages the process throughout the project by establishing brand identity, implementing the digital strategy, and executing all on-site marketing.

Andreanna’s greatest strengths are her drive, ingenuity, and leadership. She thrives when faced with a challenge, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. This year, she led the companywide initiative to establish an updated brand identity for LG Group which included redesigning the company’s website and marketing materials.

Andreanna grew up in Minneapolis and came to Chicago to attend North Park University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. She’s actively involved with Women Unite!, a non-profit she co-founded in 2015, and enjoys spending time in Logan Square with her dog, Peanut, where she’s lived for 14 years.