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A client-focused
approach to construction.

A full-service construction company powered by collaboration, creativity, and resourcefulness.

We make your experience organized and worry free.
We make it inspired and well-thought-out.
We make it a team effort.

Combining the passion and expertise of our people, we put the energy behind your project to make your experience exactly what it should be.

We embrace high expectations and are committed to exceeding them. When we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Whether you are building a new home for your family, a space to start your first business, or a multi-family building to add value to your community, our commitment remains the same.

Stadium Goods – Gold Coast
Basecamp Townhomes – River North
Francois Frankie – The Loop
Specialized – Lincoln Park


LG Homes

Limitless Coffee – Fulton Market

A National Footprint

Our reach has expanded beyond Chicago and we are now active in 10 states and counting.

Aesop – Michigan Avenue

What We Do


With the ability to understand each project from the owner’s perspective and the experience to know what it takes to successfully setup and manage the construction, we are uniquely positioned to provide the feedback you need to decide the next steps for your project.


Time spent setting up your project for success at the front end is invaluable. We work with you to establish the right team for your project, design within a budget, and eliminate unknowns ensuring your project starts and finishes faster without unwanted cost overruns.


As an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach, we vet the design team resources for your project and manage the design process from the very beginning to maximize schedule efficiencies and reduce the overall cost of your project.

General Contracting

Leveraging our extensive network of trades, craftsmen, and suppliers, we assemble the right team for your project and provide the hands-on management and oversight needed to make it a success. Starting with a deep understanding of the client’s goals, we approach each project with a proactive, proven methodology that keeps the project team one step ahead and bring resourceful solutions when needed.

Construction Management

With our clients maintaining direct control of the project, we ensure the project is expertly planned and executed. Whether we act as our client’s representative or manage the project at risk, our efficient, process driven management and experienced field supervision keeps the project tracking towards your budget, schedule, and quality expectations.

We know that a building lives on well past project turnover. Once a project is complete, our in-house team of skilled laborers and service-focused project managers are there to efficiently respond to our clients post-project needs. We provide ongoing service and scheduled maintenance while delivering the same valued LG approach for each small project or remodel.