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Developing communities.

At LG, the result of every development is a community. We believe good development moves beyond the building itself to become part of the local culture and is judged by the community it fosters. It is this community that breathes life into our projects to create the vibrant atmosphere within our buildings that makes them the place people want to call home.

The Market – Trailhead
Pumpkin Painting Party – Trailhead

Delivering Experiences

LG strives for excellence when it comes to establishing positive, long-lasting relationships with our residents. Our Resident Engagement Director, Amy Lusher, works with on-site management to solicit feedback from residents and coordinate events throughout the year to foster connections, creating a consistent resident experience. From ice cream socials and hosting farmers markets in the summer to holiday celebrations in the winter, she’s onsite with the tenants addressing needs and fostering a positive community.

Our Commitment

The value we find in a diverse workforce extends beyond our company. We are dedicated to creating an economic framework that not only maximizes participation of DBE/MBE/WBE firms, but that is also inclusive of local and community hiring with labor diversity at all levels. A workforce that greatly reflects the diversity of the community in which it is being constructed is paramount to the successful delivery of a project.