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Your vision at every step.
Our commitment to get you there.

A luxury home builder dedicated
to simplicity and transparency.

A home does so much more than fulfill a fundamental need in our lives, it is an expression of our personal identities. We understand this emotional connection and embrace our role in building the space where that connection is made.

Our measure of success is hearing our clients speak fondly of their experience building with us. We value the individual attention each home deserves and have the versatility and resources to adapt to all project types, design styles, and client needs. Working with some of the most ambitious architects and designers in the Chicago area, we bring to life our client’s vision with an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, collaboration, and transparency.

Our experience with LG has been so positive that we’ve chosen to work with them for three separate residential projects. LG proactively suggested strategies for us to save money during our project while still attaining our goals, and managed our projects efficiently and accurately. 

Brian & Cat

A solid foundation.

Starting as the foundation for LG Group’s growth, LG Homes brings over 20 years’ experience cultivating trade, artisan, and supplier relationships and refining procedures and methodologies all designed to simplify the building process and eliminate surprises for our clients. Our project management team in combination with our design focused project coordinators ensure cost efficiencies, timely delivery, and consistent quality construction.

LG Advantage was established with the understanding that your home lives on well past the move-in date. As our service and small projects division, LG Advantage provides the highest-level of customer service in the industry attending to our client’s post project needs. Whether you prefer addressing repairs on a one-off basis or want the peace of mind that comes from regularly scheduled maintenance visits, we are here to care for your home, so you don’t have to. With our team of skilled laborers, service-focused project managers, and vetted trades we react quickly and efficiently so your home is always the space you need it to be.

Building on the experience we have as a luxury home builder; the LG Advantage team provides the same valued LG approach to the small project or remodel you have been dreaming of. Whether you are considering renovating your bathroom or kitchen, want to upgrade select finishes throughout your home, or are looking to add on more space, our LG Advantage team brings the resources of a larger construction company with a more nimble approach.