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Elaena Hoekstra

Part of the LG family since 2018, Elaena assists in managing all stages of the development process, working closely with ownership, contractors, subcontractors, and lenders. Utilizing her strong organization skills, she is constantly striving to find ways to improve the development process, ensuring the end result of each project is an efficient and beautifully designed building. She enjoys that her role allows her to work with members throughout LG Group allowing her to wear many hats (including the occasional hard hat)! In addition to these skills, she has experience in accounting, project management, and marketing.

With a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College in her home state of Iowa, she uses her liberal arts background to find the best solution for each problem. She lives in Chicago’s historic Sheridan Park neighborhood, where she enjoys cooking from scratch, tending to her plant collection, and going on hikes with her dog.