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Luke Roberts

As Creative Director at LG Group, Luke works directly with the Marketing and Design teams to guide company and project-based branding as well as design for in-house LG Development projects.

Luke started his career in the construction industry, working in project management after a brief stint in culinary school. Luke has always been drawn to the hospitality world and found an alternate space within it with his work focused on boutique restaurant and commercial build outs in Chicago, and this close collaboration with architects and designers on highly detailed spaces, gave Luke a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver on the client’s goals around vision and brand.

In 2019, he moved to Los Angeles to take the role of Design Project Manager for Soho House. This change in geography, as well as a shift to the client side of a large hotel brand was invaluable exposure that carries through his work today.

Returning to Chicago and LG Group in 2021, Luke’s role as Creative Director provides a space for his experiences to merge and weave throughout the company. Luke’s work is driven by a strong appreciation of design as a problem-solving tool, as well as a method for improving the connections between people and the spaces in which they live, work, and play. Luke received his BA in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois Champaign.